Photo Opportunity

Grand Master Dominick Giacobbe, 9th Dan, was the senior master at the recent Tang Soo Do UK Open.  Tom and Jack took the chance to chat to him and grabbed this photo opportunity.  He was really gracious and the children enjoyed meeting him.



Martial Arts Illustrated Write Up

The new edition of Martial Arts Illustrated is published tomorrow.  It’s the 25th anniversary edition and much to our excitment the appT2D Kickboxing with Justyn Billingham app gets a write up.  My husband even gets a name check, which has totally made his day since he has subscribed to the magazine for years!!


Extreme Breaking

Great photo of TSD instructor Paul Summers in Gold Medal winning form at the UK Open last weekend, Extreme Breaking Division. I videoed this break too so I’ll upload it later.


Tournament Update

TSD UK Open 2013Well it’s been just over a week since the UK Open and finally I have got around to posting an update.  It was a great day but I have to say for most of last week I felt as if I’d been hit by a truck.

Here we all are lined up at the start of the tournament which was held at the National Indoor Athletics Centre.  There were 900 competitors who seemed to have come from all over the world.  The senior master in attendance was Grand Master Giacobbe from the USA who has recently been promoted to 9th Dan.

I had a very successful day and despite the usual nerves kicking in as the tournament was super well organised there didn’t seem to be any hanging about.  I always hate hanging about and it’s the time when my stage fright goes into overdrive but just before lunchtime my category was called so I didn’t really have much time to work myself up.

As usual I was the oldest in my division and I was in the second pair for the forms competition.  I was very pleased with my Chil Sung Il Ro and was satisfied win, loss or draw that I had done my personal best.  The standard in the division was really high so when it came to it there were 2 draws to settle the medals and 4 of us had to do our forms again.  I wasn’t expecting that!.

Once again I did my Chil Sung Il Ro and I don’t know where I found those super low horse riding stances and chil sung stretches from, but find them I did.  (It’s little wonder I’ve been a complete physical wreck this week).  It was enough to eliminate the other competitor and I secured bronze and with only 0.1 separating bronze and gold and I was more than happy with that.

Next up was weapons and as you will know Tom & Jack had been trying to teach me the knife form.  I had decided to do it because there was not going to be breaking this time, except for the extreme breaking category.  There was a very really possibility that I would forget what I was doing but I managed to pull it off and I walked away with another bronze.  Tom was genuinely thrilled (amazed) with my weapons division success.

I was also pretty pleased with my progress in the sparring section of the competition although I was eliminated in the early rounds.  Sparring is not so much my thing but this time instead of my mind going blank and every strategy I know flying out of my head I held my own in a very close match loosing 3-2.  The match was really competitive and could have gone either way  The relatively low score doesn’t really reflect the frequent split points decisions so yet another personal best for me.

Unfortunately my husband Laurie was competing at the same time as me so didn’t take any photos.  He did well too, winning a bronze for his awesome staff form.  My friend Lisa has told me that her husband took a few photos of me though so when I get hold of them I’ll post them.

Jack also did well in his first ever weapons division and had a bronze for his knife form.  Tom was a bit unlucky in his division and just missed out on some metal work.  It’s a big step up from gup to dan and he certainly held his own.

All in all a great day but I’ve only just recovered!!

Go me

Had a busy but sucessful day at the UK Open.  Forms and weapons.  Full report tomorrow.  I am now off to collapse in a heap.Image

Sparring Drills

When I caught up with Justyn Billingham of Blaze Martial Arts on Tuesday to chat about his Kickboxing with Justyn Billingham app he told me that he had been at a tournament last weekend. One of the competitors there recognised him, congratulatedImage him on the app and told him how he had been using the audio sparring drills to prepare for that event. Now I don’t know about you but sometimes when I’m sparring my mind goes blank and I don’t seems to have a single strategy for getting out of trouble so I thought I’d give the sparring drills a try to help me get ready for the UK Open on Saturday. I’ve been using them since Tuesday and I’m really enjoying too, just like having Justyn in the room training you when you hook up the speakers. They are graded 1 to 5 in degree of difficulty so yesterday I went for the hardest of them all. I made it through, but slightly suffering today 😉

Stage Fright

It’s less than 36 hours to the UK TSD OpenImage and the nerves are beginning to twitch.  This time it’s not just me but little Jack too.  He was brushing his teeth on Tuesday night and I was hurrying him along when all of a sudden he told me he was nervous about the tournament and started to cry.  Poor little thing.  He said he was worried he’d forget his forms and that if he did he’d feel like he’d let himself down.  I had a lump in my throat.  Me, Laurie and Tom all reassured him and told him not to worry but I know that there is nothing worse than being told not to worry when you can’t help it.

I have to say that him not remembering either of his forms is an extremely unlikely scenario because he is looking really good.  It’s far more likely that I’ll forget really.  Anyway I took him with me to Master R’s class last night and Master R had set the mats up just like the rings will be in the tournament.  Jack loved it and got plenty of practice entering the ring, doing his form, waiting for the judge’s mark and then exiting the ring.  I think that’s what he needed.  On the way home in the car he seemed happy as could be and now he has asked to come with me again next Wednesday.  Hopefully he is over his stage fright, but between you and me, mine is only just starting.

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